NAS Compares Synology DS920+ vs DS420+ vs DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS920+ vs DS420+ vs DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS Comparison

Synology DS920+ vs DS420+ vs DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS – Which Should You Buy

Now that the latest 4 Diskstaiton NAS have arrived on the market, it has caused alot of new buyers to scratch their head and wonder “which one should I buy?”. It is understandable, a NAS is a unique investment for many (especially home users) and is far less clear to distinguish than TVs, Consoles and Mobile phones – the difference between different Synology NAS (especially 4 units as similar as the DS920+, DS720+, DS420+ and DS220+) can be pretty hard to spot. Luckily I have been going through these units (taking them to pieces in some places) to find out exactly what makes them different and hopefully help you decide which one deserves your data. Before we go any further, we need to highlight that all four of these NAS drives give you a huge amount of network and internet data service support. Not just simple backups, but a huge array of applications and services. In fact, the DS920+, DS420+, DS720+ and DS220+ NAS are complete hardware and software solutions. So, below are the things that ALL of them have in common:

  • Family Device Backups – Backup up multiple mobile and desktop devices, all to different folders
  • Photo Collections – Create an impressive archive of photos for DLNA/Network/Internet Access
  • Movie Collections – Watch your Media over the Network/Internet
  • Photo/Video Editing – Suitable for Editing 1080p and 4K in more powerful Cases
  • Mac Users – Software and User-interface Favoured by Mac Users
  • Windows Users – Software and User-Interface Favoured by Windows Users
  • Plex Media Server with Transcoding – Suitable for a Plex Media Server with Transcoding for better streaming results
  • 4K Transcoding – Playback and adapt 4K Media for the Best Output
  • 1080p Transcoding – Playback and adapt 1080p Media for the Best Output
  • Medium Virtual Machine Use – Can be used for 3-4 Virtual Machines
  • SSD Cache Support – Install SSD drives alongside Hard Drives to have vastly improved Read and Write Speeds
  • Home Surveillance – Support upto 10 Cameras with the included Surveillance Software on the NAS
  • Shop Surveillance – Support upto 20 Cameras with the included Surveillance Software on the NAS
  • Business Surveillance – Support upto and above 40 Cameras with the included Surveillance Software on the NAS
  • Compact NAS – Small Chassis NAS for discreet/tight area installation
  • File Server NAS – Designed with High volume file transit in mind
  • Audio Server – Designed for Audio File streaming and distribution over DLNA/Network/Internet
  • Expandable Storage – This NAS allows users to add more storage above the preliminary bays at purchase
  • HIGH Mobile App Support for iOS and Android
  • BTRFS as a file system choice for file self-healing, easy shared folder handling and faster snapshot creation
  • Synology Hybrid RAID support, for a RAID configuration that allows mixed drive types later in the units life (great for upgrades years down the line)

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