Info Synology DSDownload Mac App client

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Info Synology DSDownload Mac App client

Acer Aspire X3900, DSM 6.1.7
Operating system
Linux, macOS, Windows
Mobile operating system
I'll be sure to check this out.
DS918+ / DS418play / DS718+
This is great for those of us who miss Luuk's DSDownload extension (especially Mac/Safari users!)

However, it needs a little more work though:

  • Fixed window size - view limited to five torrents (then you have to scroll)
  • Column headings are resizable and clickable but do not sort
  • Command-D does not delete finished torrents, have to right-click
  • Once a torrent has been added, the Add window for magnet links doesn't stay open for long after Add button clicked, making subsequent link adding harder

I would also like the ability to add a magnet link directly from a right click menu, just like you could do with Luuk's extension.
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