NAS Compares Synology DVA3219 Surveillance NAS Hardware Review

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NAS Compares Synology DVA3219 Surveillance NAS Hardware Review

The Synology DVA3219 AI and GPU Enabled NVR NAS for Surveillance

One of the most popular and continuously evolving ways that users want a NAS drive is for home and business surveillance. Whether it is the security of family or for much more enterprise requirements, CCTV and surveillance solutions are very much the vogue right now in the NAS server industry. A competent and fully-featured NVR solution is not a cheap thing and although fantastic surveillance software is available on even lower-tier budget NAS solutions, but if you want to get set some serious NAS based surveillance in place, then these are going to cost you a little more. Synology currently has one of the best surveillance software applications available in the market today and it arrives bundled with an included camera licences with every single NAS drive they sell. Performance on different NAS drives vary and despite continued research and development on the surveillance station software, there comes a point when the biggest jumps in the software require the biggest jumps in hardware to support them. The brand new DVA3219 NVR NAS is a solution that completely increases the potential of this software and introduces artificial intelligence into the equation for real-time deep video analytics. In real terms, it means that in a multitude of different ways your surveillance footage is analysed at the point of recording and in real-time, to denote potential security threats and/or eliminate false alerts. So let’s take a good look at this brand new NAS and discuss whether the DVA3219 is worthy of its impressive price tag at almost £1,400 without hard drives, cameras and tax. Let’s go!

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