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Looking at whether or not a higher end Synology would also be a high enough performing device to handle a very small VDI deployment, looking at something like the FS3410.

I have a small custom wood working shop that uses Fusion 360 to do their drawings. They have only a handful of users that actually draw plans.

I'm looking at this Flashstation as a backup solution from multiple areas and 15 to 20 users, as well as a 6 camera surveillance station as well as VDI to serve 3-4 drawing VMs. Wondering if this is enough horsepower to handle that. The price here compared to even an entry level SAN is far more advantageous, so that's why I'm considering it.

Performance hit update, these are custom woodworking object using Fusion 360, not Solidworks doing jet engines LOL, I understand performance questions might be asked, but thought I would kinda layout this comparison.

Any thoughts?
Well, I can't say about FS3410 as I haven't had it for testing (yet), but I did try out the SA3400 series with and without a separate hypervisor.

Maybe this series of articles will give you a bit of an idea. SA was running with HAS drives, not SSDs, so I guess the speed would be faster in that case as well.

Do you know if I can pass through a graphics card to use para-virtualization as you can in Hyper-V and VMWare? I know Synology offers additional PCI expansion options but don't know if PCI-E is available. Might be looking at a server more suited for Hyper-V and the ability to pass the GPU through and a smaller Synology to handle the other necessary services.
Excellent question I haven’t tested it as I didn’t have any gpu at that time. But, I didn’t see a pass through option on any model capable of running VMM.

Think it would be better to use a dedicated hypervisor for that like you said and use the nas as pure storage via fc or iscsi imho.
Thanks, maybe someday that's something Synology will have a look at. With regard to the connection, any preference of fiber channel or ISCSI?
Thanks, maybe someday that's something Synology will have a look at. With regard to the connection, any preference of fiber channel or ISCSI?
Throughput will be the same and will depend on the actual total bandwidth, but I guess it will depend on your existing infrastructure so take it from there.
It's pretty small shop, running 10Gig internal networking so in that case I'll probably lead towards ISCSI. Thanks for the info, most appreciated.

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