NAS Compares Synology FS3600 FlashStation Hardware Review

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NAS Compares Synology FS3600 FlashStation Hardware Review

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Synology FS3600 Review – Is it Flash Enough for your Business?​

Of all the brands in the world of NAS that I talk about here on the blog and on YouTube, no brand has decided to target the rather elite and enterprise subject of flash storage with the alacrity of Synology. Although no strangers to the world of business class data storage, rivaling top-end data centre class and SAN industries with relative ease, the move by Synology into flash-optimised servers seems like one that has always been there, but in fact has only really been for around 2 to 3 years. Premiering with their 10-bay desktop device, the FS1018, the flash station series has gone from strength to strength and has since been incorporated into some fantastically powerful and fantastically large SSD focused devices. Today I want to talk about one of their most powerful flash focused devices, the FS3600 rackmount server. Originally revealed mid last year at their launch events in Taipei, the FS3600 is now available to enterprise users looking for the intensely high IOPS and low latency utilisation that only a flash server can provide. Arriving with a rather stiff £8,000+ price tag, the FS3600 is by no means a light investment. As well as engaging with modern hardware architecture such as 12-core Xeon processors, memory in the triple figures and multiple lanes of 10Gbe, the FS3600 is a device that promises a big game but does it deliver? Let’s discuss.

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