NAS Compares Synology FS6400 FlashStation NAS Unveiled in Taipei

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NAS Compares Synology FS6400 FlashStation NAS Unveiled in Taipei

Brand New FS6400 SSD Based NAS Drive from Synology Uncovered

The new tech being revealed here in Taipei continues from Synology. Next, up in our continued coverage of new NAS server for later in 2019, we have the brand new Flashstation FS6400 Rackmount NAS for enterprise-class users who want some of the fastest internal and external transmissions speeds ever achieved on a Synology NAS device. This is by no means the first time that Synology has delved into the word of SSD only based storage, with the previously released FS3017 Rackmount and FS1018 Desktop chassis servers. However, the FS6400 is by far their boldest flash solution yet, in terms of power, storage, expandability and ability. With spectacular IOPs that promise to outweigh those of its predecessors, a combination of 10Gbe as standard and 25Gbe/40Gbe upgradability, alongside a unique internal CPU/Controller internal design, the Synology FS6400 Flashstation may well seem ridiculously enterprise, but whether you are in the market for AI active storage, looking for a data center solution that’s in it for the low-term, or just someone that appreciates good hardware (waves hand in the air a bit), then this could well be of interest to you.

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