NAS Compares Synology HAT5300 Hard Drives Uncovered

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NAS Compares Synology HAT5300 Hard Drives Uncovered

Indications of Synology Hard Drives Appear with the HAT5300-8T and HAT5300-12T Revealed​

Com on – it was only going to be a question of time, wasn’t it. The idea of Synology (on of the most popular brands in the world of network-attached storage) expanding their portfolio to include the very hard drives that you install inside their enclosures is something that many have thrown around for years. Last year, when they unveiled their range of SAT5200 and SNV3400/3500 SSDs was there first big indicator that the brand was looking to become a much more complete solution provider for business and now it appears that this is ramped up again with the appearance of the Synology HAT5300 range of media appearing across numerous retail sites. Details are spectacularly thin on the ground, with little more than model IDs and similar pricing appearing on the sites (see images below for sources) but there does seem to be at least the indication of at least two capacities revealed, at 8TB and 12TB capacity. However, details like confirmation of standard HDD architecture such as the interface (SATA/SAS) rpm (5400/7200) or format is another question entirely. The same goes for warranty and compatibility, but knowing Synology these will be two subjects that will impress some and infuriate others.

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