NAS Compares Synology M2D20 PCIe Card Hardware Review

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NAS Compares Synology M2D20 PCIe Card Hardware Review

Synology M2D20 Adapter Card for NVMe SSD Cache

One of the most important factors for many users that purchase a new Synology NAS in 2020, besides stability, is speed. We all want our files to move as fast as possible, whether we are sending them or receiving them. Over the years there have been many methods to improve internal speed on a NAS, ranging from increasing memory to using faster operational solid state drives for your RAID storage. The need for increased internal speeds grows ever more popular with the growth of 10-gigabit ethernet network speeds in 2019/2020, as well as the newer generation of 2.5G and 5G devices. With more and more devices arriving with the 10Gbe network speed that has the potential to be 10x that of traditional 1Gbe LAN, many people are disappointed when the NAS box itself has an internal bottleneck. One perfect way to remove this bottleneck and vastly improve your individual operations (IOPS) for file transfers, virtual machines, large multi-file backups and file rendering is to use SSD caching. This is a system of using a small portion of solid state drive storage for assisted read-write buffering and massively improve performance during exchanges of data internally. The Synology M2D20 is the latest generation of upgrade cards for Synology NAS that provides SSD caching support to a Synology NAS system that features a PCIe Gen 3 slot (x4/x8/x16), arriving with a number of improvements over the M2D18 card that was released 2 years before.

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