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synology machine name

I've called my nas something - lets say blah....

from pcs, from linux, and from older apple devices - http://blah works - browsing to \\blah or //blah works, ping blah works etc
on my iphone (ios 15) and newer macs .... it doesn't resolve. I have to use the ip address whereupon everything works fine.

Is there anything I can do or set to make the nas broadcast whatever it needs to broadcast so the apple devices will resolve the name into an ip?

On my iPhone 8 (iOS 14.7.1), I access my NAS, via the iOS files app, as smb://blah and smb://192.169.... (I have both because sometimes one works and the other doesn't; and visa-versa)

Via Safari, I use usually but also I can access locally via blah:5000 and
Do you have a name server running for internal hostnames?

If so do the devices that are failing to resolve have the correct internal DNS to point at?

On a Mac when you open 'Terminal' and type 'arp -a' do you get all the hostnames with the ip addresses?

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