RT2600ac Synology Mesh - Encouraging Closest Clients to Attach / Why is this such a Mystery?

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RT2600ac Synology Mesh - Encouraging Closest Clients to Attach / Why is this such a Mystery?

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Having auditioned and returned several MESH products from multiple manufacturers in the last 2 years, and since I already have a DS215J that continues to perform after 5 years, I finally brought in a MR2600 4 months ago and added two 2200’s (with one connected via BackHaul-Ethernet) in my 2-story townhouse. Having tested the other offerings, it gave me a fair education on what I disliked about them, and what I hoped a Synology Mesh system could fill. The 2nd 2200 added 2 weeks ago is finally why I am determined to find an answer to the following:

The issue is Synology’s apparent inability to have Wi-Fi clients readily attached themselves to the nearest Wi-Fi Points thereby insuring the best signal. For example, some Wi-Fi devices connect to the furthest Wi-Fi point, instead of the same room the client is.

The inability for Wi-Fi points to identify low signal strength from a client is frustrating, and is evident more so when initially adding (or starting up after disconnecting) any of the 2200’s either individually or simultaneously and a single 2200 only shows one (1) client attached, amongst a possibility of the 51+ Wi-Fi devices that are present in my home.

Multiple Support Tickets requesting guidance on how to encourage balanced client to Wi-Fi point distribution has always been responsive, though the last two tickets indicate that there may not be an answer to this issue, as it was suggested I go to Multicast Translation and “Untick802.11r and Disable Smart Connect for Devices not supporting 802.11v……. That would have been great, but they were already unticked. When I reported this back to them, I was then told to now do the opposite…. “Tick” them ON ….. I began questioning if they really understood the issue and how to resolve it. I did so and in actually that seemed to balance them somewhat more equitably, but as soon as I disconnected one 2200 temporarily to rearrange some wiring, the issue again returned where that one 2200 would toggle between only 1 and 2 clients.

After reporting back the above result and asking about why also does it appear the Channel Selection choice shows it sharing the same crowded channel as other Routers in my vicinity based on the Wi-Fi Analyzer on my mobile. We’re at a higher elevation, looking over hundreds of homes so we are sharing finite bandwidth and asked why doesn’t the “AUTO” Function in channel selection choose a lesser used Frequency automatically as it presumably designed to do so? Their answer:

We are happy to help. I understand that you have some questions about your Wi-Fi settings. When replying to this ticket I came across this article Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity which answers the questions you have, plus provides some more helpful information about configuring your Wifi.

Suffice it to say, the response left me disappointed….

To be clear, the Signal is good throughout, and the Synology Router Manager is superior and flexible for any needs. It’s the apparent random inability for clients to handshake with the closest Wi-Fi Point without repeated individual Re-Boots and luck for signal strength balancing to occur.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, it would be gratefully appreciated…


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