NAS Compares Synology NAS 2020 and DSM 7.0 in Berlin

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NAS Compares Synology NAS 2020 and DSM 7.0 in Berlin

Synology DSM 7.0 and Synology Storage – Big Things Are Happening

Those that have followed Synology NAS for the last few years, will know that every year they feature a huge launch event that covers the latest and greatest innovations in both their hardware and software. These big events showcase exactly what Synology have in store for both their popular Diskstation and Rackstation hardware, as well as massive improvements of their popular Diskstation Manager (DSM) platform and it’s apps. At the event, there was definitely a happy mood, with 2020 being Synology’ 20th anniversary in the business of data storage and this is clearly an important date for them. This year I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend and cover multiple of these launch events and today I want to give you guys lowdown of what Synology has in store for their NAS users in DSM 7.0 and more.

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I still wonder if it will be possible with DSM7 to install a fully featured Secondary Domain Controller aka Synology Directory Server, on a second NAS without having to set up a HA?

Currently I'm running an Directory Server on my DS916+ and would like to back it up on my DS918+ ...


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Well I see no reason for them to push a full NAS to NAS HA scenario if they can do this on a package level.

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