Synology NAS not showing up on your smart TV ?

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Synology NAS not showing up on your smart TV ?

My DS920+ was a bit hit or miss when trying to use it with my Samsung smart TV. It was appearing as a source device for a long time and then disappeared. I tried everything to get it to back with absolutely no luck. It appeared on every other device on my home network ( mostly hard wired), just not the TV. This was not a DLNA problem. I finally found the answer in an old forum discussion. But, given all of the questions and lack of answers that are still occurring on forums, I thought I would pass this along.

The problem was with the router. In my case, an Asus RT-AC68U. I went to the router's firmware settings; specifically : the LAN / IPTV tab and set the "Enable Multicast Routing" to "Enabled". I also enabled the Efficient Multicast Forwarding for good measure. The problem went away instantly. On the DS920+ the TV showed up in the Device List of the Media Server app and the NAS appeared as a Source on my Samsung TV. From an obscure forum post to instant cure was quite remarkable. This just doesn't happen that often for me. I hope someone else can benefit from what I found.
One more thought... I also have a QNAP TS-453A and it never had this problem. I'm not sure if that has to do with their respective settings or how they communicate across wired networks.
there is a possible reason:

- the first issue was about multicast principle of routing/switching packets
- the TV is able receive stream from both protocols
- DLNA is multicast based protocol, reason mentioned above
- w/o multicast you can’t use Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) correctly = next reason, why you didn’t see the DLNA devices
- There is also known issue called “IGMP snooping” which can interfere with UPnP/DLNA device discovery by SSDP
- then your QNAP probably used just pure UPnP
Btw it’s a time to switch off the UPnP.
I keep UPnP on the router turned off.
UPnP Discover Service on my QNAP is turned on.

Since my first post, I have turned off " Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping) " and the Synology and QNAP are both still appearing on my TV's sources. I may have to power them both off and back on though to test the settings.

I'm afraid that the more technical aspects are mostly lost on me.
reason, why I don’t like setup item called “efficient” and so on
no one knows what is behind the label in the router code

btw, just take it as recommendation to future, for 50$ in advance you can purchase Syno router, what is really faster and more, more secure. Asus is a brand for most vurnerable routers. They can build an egyptian pyramides from number of CVE records and their seriousness.
Jeyare, do you have a model in mind for the Synology router ? I'm happy to spend more for a better router.

Or, do you recommend something like a router with DD-WRT installed ?
The RT2600ac has been around for a few years but is still being developed and improved (going by what @Rusty reported recently). Then there's the more recent MR2200ac.

A RT2600ac can be the main device and internet gateway with additional MR220ac as meshed access points. Or you can do the same but using only MR2200ac. The main device is the one where the SRM portal is accessed and configuration is set, and it will be the perimeter device if you need one.

I think the RT2600ac can run Threat Prevention package but the MR2200ac cannot. TP is an intrusion protection system and works with the firewall to block malicious access attempts, even if they comply with the firewall rules.

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