NAS Compares Synology NAS PLEX DRIVER FIX for H.256 / HEVC – DS920+, DS220+, DS720+ and DS420+

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NAS Compares Synology NAS PLEX DRIVER FIX for H.256 / HEVC – DS920+, DS220+, DS720+ and DS420+

A Guide to Improving Playback on your Synology NAS Drive

One of the most popular reasons that many users invest in a compact desktop Synology NAS solution is for use as a private Plex media server. The appeal of Plex as an alternative to paid subscription streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime video is fairly evident, giving you the ability to watch all of your lovely movies and box sets, but still enjoy the slick graphical user interface and background polish (such as trailers, reviews descriptions, thumbnails, watchlists, recommendations and artwork) afforded to those online streaming platforms. The new generation of Synology diskstation NAS’ that arrived in summer 2020 (DS920+, DS220+, DS420+ and DS720+) are all solid solutions for use as a Plex media server NAS, however lately many users have identified a recurring playback problem on these recent Intel Celeron powered NAS’. Namely, the fact that they seem to be having difficulty playing H.265 (also known as HEVC) in even rather simple files even as low as 480p and 720p, despite the fact that the CPU and memory are not what being hit very hard. This is a playback issue that is not apparent in the Synology Video Station app (happily playing and converting these files without issue). So, what gives? I am pleased to confirm though that it CAN BE SOLVED! Just follow the guide below, spare 5 minutes to go through the steps and you will be able to play those pesky H.265 / HEVC files, even at 8bit and 10bit.

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