NAS Compares Synology NAS Unofficial Memory Upgrade Guide

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NAS Compares Synology NAS Unofficial Memory Upgrade Guide

Everything you need to know about Upgrading Synology NAS Memory

Generally speaking, Synology NAS has a long-standing reputation for being underpowered when compared to brands like QNAP and Asustor, at least out of the box, choosing to focus on their award-winning DSM software. This is changing a bit in 2019 with the newer Synology drives featuring improved hardware choices, but still, for many, it seems a little underwhelming. One potential benefit that’s highlighted to improve performance considerably multiple users is to upgrade the RAM (Random Access Memory) in the Synology NAS drive. Today’s post will cover my thoughts on the usefulness of upgrading the factory installed RAM, how to determine if a RAM upgrade is needed at all and exactly how to do this. Let’s start with the latter, do you need to upgrade RAM?

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