NAS Compares Synology NAS Upgrade for 4K Editing

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NAS Compares Synology NAS Upgrade for 4K Editing

Upgrading my Synology DS1817+ NAS for a 4K Editing Suite

Synology DS1817+ NAS
Hi there,
I am currently looking at an upgrade to my nas system. I currently have a Synology DS1817+ using link aggregation. I am video editing off of it every day and some days we have multiple people editing off it. I am noticing it becoming quite slow so I want to do 2 things:
– Possibly upgrade to something that may handle multiple computers editing 4k at the same time off of it
– have this current system become a backup of the main NAS
I have watched some of the videos you guys do and am looking for something ideally the same desktop form factor. This current NAS is setup with segate 4tb drives in raid 5 btfrs (I have 3 spare bays at the moment but have another drive on its way as we are 97% full).
Open to any ideas or can answer more questions,
CheersJock, Australia

Choosing the Right NAS Drive Upgrade for 4K Editing Speeds

G’day mate!

(yep – that’s my bit of mild xenophobia out the way)

Nice setup! Always good to see people using link aggregation (in my opinion, criminally overlooked), I can see your dilemma and have good and bad news. The good news is that there are Synology options – the bad news is that you will need to spend, spend, spend to edit on multiple 4K files at once. In a perfect world, Synology would have released a Thunderbolt 3 NAS with 10Gbe equipped, so users like yourself could leverage the available connections between editors of varying video editing type, but alas there still seems to be zero plans to create such a device (though patch setups with the Sonnet Solo 10G still continue to be popular).

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Really not a smart approach to recommend a solution by such a lack entry:
- I am video editing
- every day
- someday multiple people editing
- it’s becoming quite slow .

Main request:
ly upgrade to something that may handle multiple computers editing 4k at the same time off of it

It’s difficult to setup final architecture of video editing environment w/o clear knowledge of:
- what kind of editing SW they uses (also for rendering, it can be different). Each SW required different environment architecture.
- what is current primary NAS role (source of raw files, swap for soft rendering, rendering target,...)
- what is network topology of the current environment, include workstation
- what are technology boundaries of current/tomorrow workstations

Then is better to audit all the current stages to find the slow performance source/s. Prepare new environment upgrade to final stage, include NAS. Otherwise they will purchase new NAS, but performance will still same.

For NAS newbies- use this article as - don’t do it by this way. It just a shot into dark.
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There is no Squid GoPro. I repeat, NO Squid GoPro.


that was my first idea:
- is it 4k/25fps YT enthusiasts from GoPro like source
- or 4k/60fps HDR10 include Dolby Atmos semi-pro group with BlackMagic URSA sources in 12bit RAW source

definitely, a courage to advice to someone just by “purchase this one NAS model” is too far from “I need to understand your business”.
DS220+ : DS1019+ : DS216+II : DS118 : DS120j : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
Sorry to disappoint you. I was merely joking that “there is no quid pro quo” :)
Bad joke, I know.

GoPro are dying.


math basic:
1. 4k: 3840x2160 = 8 294 400 pix
2. 60minutes of records = 3600 seconds
3. in 12bit RAW source quality
4. it is about 358 318 080 000 bites = 42GB per hour in RAW just w/o sound


GoPro 7 Black in 30fps h.265 and 8bit format in Protune
for 1 hour = 28-34GB (up to compression) per hour in compressed format what is up to 33% less performance than the above


iPhone 10 XR in 4k 30fps in HEVC ... 170MB/min
for 1 hour = 10GB

what a different video editing environment.

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