DSM 7.0 Synology Photos Face Recognition Issue

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DSM 7.0 Synology Photos Face Recognition Issue

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Hallo everyone,

I have a DS420+ that is compatible with Synology Photos' Face Recognition but I have an issue with it:
I have installed DSM 7 Beta and everything was smooth and fine. Face recognition worked great for me.
As I finished with my iPhone photos backup, I have created an account for my wife and her face recognition worked fine but at a certain moment it stopped working. I mean that while backing-up photos from her iPhone she noticed that no more faces were added to her face recognition folder.
A couple of days after creating my wife's account, I have created an account for my mom as well to backup her pics to but even if she's almost done with the backup, no face appears in the face recognition folder.
Might it be that being a beta version, the face recognition database is limited?

Thank you.
Welcome to the forum.

It may be a beta issue, so it's worth reporting that back via the
button on DSM's desktop.

I tried Photos and found that the iOS app got stuck trying to backup video, it wasn't important so I removed it from my phone and the backup restarted. This had worked successfully when backing up using Moments. So you see there can be some issues that used to work and now there are problems. I was using virtual DSM 7 beta via Virtual Machine Manager.

I'l try to report this "bug".

Anyway if you have troubles backing up videos, just stop the backup e restart it. The app un-stucks and will upload it/them. ;)
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