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Hi dear and proficient forum guys,

I am new and need your support.

1. How can I import metadata into Synology photos?
Where would the Synology metadata be stored in which file and how is it accessible?
2. Will that work with exif?

I have exported tons of photos from apple with the metadata in a separate .xmp (sidecar metadata) file.
However, as per design Synology lacks capability to read this for modern type photos in .heic format, and is only capable of reading the information in .xmp files for .jpg photos.
I tried also the Excire tool to write and read metadata, but it is frustrating. No tool can read the Synology tags, and Synology cannot read any tags/metadata for .heic fotos.

I know you can write metadata (such as buzzwords like my grandma, Christmas, holiday xyzzy) in a separate side car file (.xmp) or directly in the photo.

However, nobody seriously can edit tags for plus thousands of fotos manually.

Does anybody know a script or any manual way of writing metadata in the foto file so that Synology can read it or update the metadata in the database of file wherever Synology hosts the metadata for its fotos?
EXIFTool may be the answer here but I question if Synology Photos is the right tool for you. Once you move away from JPEG I think you need to use another solution.
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EXIFTool may be the answer here but I question if Synology Photos is the right tool for you. Once you move away from JPEG I think you need to use another solution.
Hi DeltaGolf,
I have used osxphotos which includes exiftool and does a great job to quite successfully export photos and their meta data.

I was looking for a solution to amend Synology database / config files / code with where to find meta data. I cannot understand why Synology photos can read metadata for jpeg but not for heic-formatted photos. It looks like a "I-am-not-motivated"-issue on behalf of Synology developers.

However, as nobody seems to be familiar with how to improve Synology, I think you are right, S. Photos just is not capable of reading meta data for heic-photos.

I tried some other solutions and was not happy either. I would like to run it centrally on the NAS, but use the better KI intelligence from e.g. apple to create the meta data files and write it to the photos. Once again the KI of Synology is terrible. While Apple asks me eg. 7 times if this is the same person, Synology recognises at least 30 different persons, that need to be joined manually to one person, resulting in kind of a lifetime job. Also the meta data can not be exported.

Do you have a recommendation to replace Synology Photos?
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Hello again,

Have you looked into imatch (
It makes use of exiftool to read/write metadata and does a great job with just about every file format out there.
While it is not free, it does provide a 30 day trial version (full featured) if you wanted to give it a try.
It's GUI based, so no need to use command prompts.
The learning curve is a little steep, but it can handle alot of tasks associated with managing digital assets.

The only draw back, is that only runs in windows and requires a cpu that supports AVX.

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