Synology prizes?

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Synology prizes?

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For those who followed the dark side‘s “backing up the world” gobbledygook.

I think, I saw a disgruntled winner. Something about a C2 prize.
So no DiskStation or router prizes?
A while ago, on the dark side’s forum. Something about “share your backup story” for a surprise prize.

I thought that they’ll give away DSs and routers, but a winner was given a C2 license for a limited period. He was angry, saying that this is a way to lock him into it.

I’m not very sure though, didn’t go there much. Now I don’t go there, period.

Anyway, it must be the “community” guy’s “cunning plan:D
“share your backup story”
Aha yes, that.
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Seen that about 3w ago on their Twitter profile. Cheap way to get some traffic on the "dark forum" :D
But was it only C2 licenses? No hardware? That’s what I’m asking. Very cheap if that’s true.
Have no clue. Didn't follow this story on the forum. Just ignored it as soon as I saw that posting stories should be done on the community site. /pass.
To be fair to Synology the competition was for stories about backup and they had three categories in which there were 10 winners. Don't know what they got for winning but then they said, due to the good level of information in the submissions, they were sending a small gift to all other entrants.

Looking at the one that complained about getting one year of cloud backup, well I couldn't see them named as a main winner.

Since they needed postal addresses for winner, why would you need that for a voucher?

If this is truly what happened then some people really need to get a grasp of themselves and not take offence so easily.
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One year of cloud backup........ Seriously??
One of the big reasons why I have Synology stuff is to stay away from clouds and build my own cloud!

At the checkout of supermarkets I regularly get vouchers for stuff I don't want to buy, but I don't pull a strop about it. This wasn't the winner of the competition, it was a freebie.

If I go into the high street chocolate shop and they ask if I'd like to try one I mostly decline, but what I don't do is moan and shout that they should've given me the £50 box.

My view is any of these Synology competitions that are 'write a piece about how our stuff helps you do ...' is a potential marketing exercise, so I don't enter.

BTW I didn't join up here because I'm anti-Synology and their products, just that their forum was starting to annoy me as I saw people needing help and there were very few responding (and I wasn't confident to advise without risk of data damage): probably isn't good for Synology for customers to see the questions going unanswered. Having said that, I'm still irked that they won't move the VPN Plus free licence from my MR2200ac so it can be used with my meshed RT2600ac, when they both are signed into the same Synology account. So I'm not blind to what they don't do or should do, but someone getting a free licence to try cloud backup as an unexpected gesture isn't something to get annoyed about.

My 2p.
I didn't join up here because I'm anti-Synology and their products
I’m quite confident that no one here is anti-Synology.
It’s just that (like you) most of us are bitterly disappointed that they’ve killed a perfectly working venue. Not only that, they‘ve replaced it with an insulting one.

I’d pay money to know why. This can be the bases of a big study. Strategic, managerial, marketing and behavior and human psychology to name a few.

Anyway, we are here now. And this place is “so cunning” :D
Looking as of today, they added some features. Looks like they are coming to their sense a bit. Still, a far way of from what this platform offers and what the previous forum did as well.
O boy ... Jewels ...

... and all we have are those stale cookies :cool:

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