NAS Compares Synology RS1220+ NAS Server for 2019 for Home and Business Users

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NAS Compares Synology RS1220+ NAS Server for 2019 for Home and Business Users

Brand New RS1220+ NAS Drive from Synology Uncovered

There has been yet another new release revealed from the top tier NAS brand, Synology, at their latest event to promote both the 2020 range and almost 20years of providing NAS solutions. Today I want to tell you guys about the Synology RS1220+ NAS for home and midrange business users. Although this is not the first new release that we have featured from the 2020 launch event, it is one that has caught us a little by surprise, following jsut a year after the RS1219+ rackstation NAS. Let me explain. Synology is a brand that tends to shift it’s focus periodically from home to business, from Diskstation to Rackstation, changing in line with the financial year and the demand of its audience. However, this year, we are seeing the reveal of their 2019 and 2020 series and we have been seeing alot of devices that I would consider ‘somewhere in the middle’, with hardware that can be utilized by both home and business users alike. The RS1220+ is another product that, like the RS820+ and RS820RP+ mentioned previously here on NASCompares, features a switch from the Intel C2538 Atom CPU, towards the higher generation C3528 as found on Synology NAS more and more in 2019. Let’s take a closer look at this half-depth rackmount to see if it deserves your data.

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