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Synology RS2416+ BRICKED

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Hello all, glad to see this forum has taken off due to Synology's "new" forums are trash (veteran from the OG Synology forums).

I have RS2416+ rack NAS that I've gotten from where I work at. This unit has already been replaced due to needing the NAS up 24/7 and couldn't wait on getting it fixed so now its mine for the taking. I have fixed several Synology's in the past but this is my first of the RS series and I'm running into some trouble.

The unit will turn on (lights, fans, etc...) but it will not boot. It just blinks blue and then power cycles after about a minute or so then repeats. I've seen this before and usually worse case, its caused by a bad RAM disk and/or kernel image on the internal flash. However, I cannot get anything to show up in putty when connected via serial to the DB9 COM port on the NAS. I've even tried a TTL adapter and probed RX/TX and only got garbage(There wasn't enough lines for a proper U-BOOT loader so I think the U-BOOT maybe toast). Its not drives as I have only one drive in it now (was hoping it was just a bad update).

  1. Anyone knows if there is a key combo to display the console when connected via serial?
  2. Anyone knows if there is different settings for the serial connection other than "115200 / 8 / 1 / None / XON-XOFF"?
  3. Anyone have a guide to recreate a new flash bin for the flash chip if it indeed toast?
  4. Anyone have any ideas what else to check that may cause this unit not to boot up?
I really hated to see this in our recycling room. If it can't be fixed correctly, then it may be turned into a project since it looks like it has standard ATX mounts for the motherboard (may put an ATX/ITX board with a RAID controller for three SAS breakout cables). Any help would be much appreciated!
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I just found that this has a removable flash chip. Its has "USB Flash(ps2251-68) P/N:08-04USB0310 V1.0" on it. Wander if there is a pinout so I can connect it to a pc to make a backup image of it and tinker around with the files.
OMG, I didn't even think to check and see what model the CPU was. If I did, I probably would have remembered about the Intel Admin c2xxx issues. Now to see if I have a 100 Ohm resistor in my component bins. Thanks for pointing out the CPU.
While you're dabbling with the innerworks, replace the CMOS battery. It's probably a CR2032.
Yeah, did that while troubleshooting. I found a 100 Ohm resistor and just soldered it on. The NAS now fires up. Now to verify it and make sure they don't want it back. If not, going do a RAM upgrade on it as I have a ton of laptop DIMMs that need a home.

Well, its still kicking. Also a week later one of our clients had the exact same issue. Fixed it too with a 100ohm resistor. I guess we are going to start fixing them if they're out of warranty since it's an easy fix. Thanks again for pointing to the CPU.
Remember if you start fixing other peoples units, the rule is you get paid for what you know not what you do ;)
Fixed another one. We have several models in service using the c2000 series CPU and so far I've fixed 3 of them. Not sure, but it looks like they are all failing close to the same time as they were purchased within the same year. Looks like I better order a pack of 100ohm to have on hand. I see future repairs down the road....
Fixed another one. We have several models in service using the c2000 series CPU and so far I've fixed 3 of them
Be aware, this is a workaround. It may give two, or three more years of life. C2000 is terminal.

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