Synology says "hibernationation not recommended" for Seagate Ironwolf Pro 16TB ?

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Synology says "hibernationation not recommended" for Seagate Ironwolf Pro 16TB ?

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I want to expand my 920+ from 4 x 4TB to 2 x 4TB + 2 x 16TB using SHR1.

After a fair bit of research and compatibility*, noise levels (I don't want anything louder than my current WD Red Pros) and obviously price being key, I have settled on the Ironwolf Pro 16TB.

I've found what I think is a decent price of £355 each at Box.

BUT! The final cursory check on the compatibility page says the following:
  • The hibernation feature is not recommended for this drive.

Really? Is this something I actually need to adhere to? Does anyone have any insight into this?

* doesn't mean much given recent discussions around Synology's changing compatibility lists, but whatever...
Good question. I don't know. I have disk hibernation set to 20 mins but didn't have the logs enabled. I've enabled them now so will check after a few days to see how often that happens.

My DS syncs two different OneDrives, one on every even hour and one on every odd hour, and then other than some desktop ABB and snapshot replications, it is primarily a Plex server used in the afternoon/evening. So I expect they'll be hibernating roughly half the time...

If the disks are hibernating frequently, do you think I should heed the Synology warning and look at a different 16TB disk?
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It looks like plenty of services I'm running will prevent hibernation - I'm also running a VPN server, loads of file shares, LOGS!!, SSD Cache...

Thanks for the info, I'll go ahead with the disks and likely disable Hibernation as it looks like the system would rarely be able to use it anyway.
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Ironwolf but not pro here... on 2x of 3 NAS's. Have each set for default Hibernation (20) With all the cameras and shared folder sync, I can count on fingers the amount of times I've encountered pauses while things spin up .. even at night.

So as a test, I'm gonna turn it off on all 3 and see if temps or anything else is noticed...
718+ starts at 47/117 Fan at cool mode... 720+ at 46/115 fan at cool mode... 720+-2 at 46/115 fan at cool mode.
Time will tell...
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Thanks for this discussion. I had hybernation enabled (20 minutes) on my DS920+/DX517 with 5 16TB IronWolf Pro drives. I hear activity anytime I am in the room, day or night, so hadn't even thought about hybernation. So just for safety' sake I disabled it because of the Synology warning, which I would not have known about without this forum. (y)
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