Syonology 120j Upnp issue..

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Syonology 120j Upnp issue..

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Hi, newbie here so please be patient!
I migrated from my awful WD Cloud drive a week ago and setup my music, pictures and video folder and installed the Media Server package.
I had everything working well using Upnp and could watch video from the video directory using Kodi on my Nvidea Shield.
A couple of days ago the Kodi suddenly stopped seeing the subdirectories in the Video folder and I have no idea why. I setup the Video directory as a video source on kodi but it just won't see anything beyond that. I downloaded VLC Player and that too did exactly the same thing and didn't see any subdirectories.

Is there some trick to getting this to work on the NAS? I don't understand how it was all working well but suddenly just stopped!
oh, I didn't know that. I read somewhere that I had to have that on for it to work!
If I don't use Upnp, do I use SMB to make the two talk?
Again, sorry if this is all obvious..

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