Tailscale.... useful for me or not?

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Tailscale.... useful for me or not?

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Okay at the moment I have two 'remote use' scenarios....
  • Accessing the router web UX via VPN - this can be achieved via Reverse Proxy (removed due to security issues) or via VPN'ing into the system via OpenVPN and hitting the internal address of the Orbi - works perfectly. This I don't think can be achieved via Tailscale as the Orbi is not on the same network as the Tailscale devices
  • Copying media I gather into an iCloud folder via Finder on the iPad. When the media sync's via iCloud to the local folder on the Mac it is moved out of that folder (via Hazel on the Mac automatically) into the end destination folder on the NAS. I looked to do this directly via adding a 'NAS server folder' via Talescale on the iPad and copying the media directly into that folder. I could copy files into the folder but they never appeared into the folder on the NAS.
I'm therefore considering getting rid of Talescale, or am I missing something? I have read through all the Talescale docs and I don't think I've missed anything.
Tail would be maybe easier to manage and less messing with it in a case where you have multiple remote endpoints that you want to be able to communicate in any direction with any device on any other location.

So 3 or 4 locations with services/devices. With Tail you would not have to open ports, manage fw, traffic etc...

If you are using it in a way that you want to access from a single device/location towards your NAS location, then I don't see a "conventional" vpn method as something that shouldn't be used. Once setup its literally a single on/off button to connect back. Is that is more complex then Tail? I wouldn't say so. Is it les useful? Hardly.
Oh agreed in theory which is why I gave it a go.....
..... but not a valid choice for purpose 1 using my iPad while on holiday?
..... and it seems not working for scenario 2?
Okay I've just revisited this. If I have Tail running on the NAS and on the iPad Mini and I look to connect *via 4G mobile connection' I get:

Then after waiting 5 minutes:

Zero items shown.
If I switch to using the IP address, I get:

But can't create any new folders or drag / drop and media. Well that is the folders / media show up in Finder on the iPad but don't show up in any of the folders on the NAS.
Am I missing something?
Hmm since rebooting the Mac the files have appeared so I'll continue to test.

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