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Talkin' about PGID/PUID


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Some things I don't quite understand with Docker, and PGID/PUID is one. Here's an example...

I have sonarr working with qbittorrent (QBT, for short)... as expected sonarr finds a subscribed TV show and sends the link to QBT. QBT dutifully downloads the show, and there it sits... complete in the download folder... but sonarr stumbles over the permissions to copy the video over to my media folder.

Some background... the shared folder "Media" contains a "TV" subfolder, which is owned by user ABC (with R/W permissions as well). In sonarr I set PUID/PGID environmental variables using ABC's user id and group id information. To me, it seems like everything should work. Of course, it did not and sonarr failed to transfer the downloaded file.

Recently, I stumbled upon a "tweak" that enabled sonarr to relocate the downloaded file to the "/Media/TV/ProgramName/Season XX" folder.... by changing the PGID to the administrator value (user ABC is not an administrator). So with a user PUID and an administrator PGID everything works, and the transferred videos are "owned" by ABC.

Can anyone explain this? There's probably an obvious answer, but it eludes me.

PS... Relatedly radarr uses the PGID/PUID administrator values, and fails to transfer finished downloads... I've yet to sort that out and the issue may lay elsewhere...
Sonarr and qbt download folders are the same regarding volume binds?
Yes. Sonarr retrieves files from the folder where QBT leaves them. This folder is owned by user ABC (a subfolder of the shared folder Docker), and the PUID/PGID variables set in QBT are both associated with user ABC.

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