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Question Team Calendar / What's your setup?

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Currently, we use Google calendar - and that's the last service I didn't manage to move to a self-hosted solution.
Mostly, because Synology Calendar lacks the ability to flag events as 'private' or 'public'.

Our current setup:
Each team member has his personal calendar, which is shared among other members (read-only).
Only if the personal calendar contains all appointments (personal, business, …), others get the right view about availability, so we need to differentiate between 'public' and 'private' events.
'private' appointments are visible as 'busy' for read-only team members (details are hidden), while people with read-write access see also the appointment details (real title).
Obviously the calendar should sync among devices and be accessible as web-interface.

Is there a way to achieve the same using Synology Calendar?
How do you manage / organize team calendars?

Thanks lot for your input,
Within Synology Calendar you have the option to create a new Calendar (so next to your personal one), and share it with one or multiple users. You can share it with local DSM users, LDAP/Domain users, or even with a LDAP/Domain group. I have a seperate Calendar for my family and gave a group permissions to it. So to give someone access to this calendar I just simply have to add them to that LDAP group.

This separate calendar is also sync-able via CalDAV. The URL can be retreived inside Synology Calendar.
Two calendars is a (cumbersome) work around to separate private / public and still don't fulfil my requirements:
Even if everyone would use two calendars, you can not share calendars without revealing details.

So either you do not share private events at all and others don't see if you are in office or not
or you share everything with all details.

Did I explain my point understandable?
The goal is to let my mates also see if I am busy with a private event.
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Two years later and still no solution for an everyday problem.

G Suite is shutting down old accounts - hence I'm forced to move on with my calendars at last.
Even after hours of research, the only thing close to my needs is MS Exchange - but I don't need (or want) mail and stuff.

I can not believe, there is no other solution to share calendars with "only share busy/free information" (like Google Calendars do).
Synology only has a "read only" option. But still, all calendar details would be revealed to team-mates.

Is it really rocket-science?
Does nobody need to share private Calendars "occupied" information without details?
And still: How do you manage / organize team calendars?

I'm thankful for all tips,
In Nextcloud I see this:


But not sure this will do what @paradeiser is asking for. As far as I know only Microsoft Exchange does this properly.
Thanks a lot for your replies!
This looks promising. Will definitely try this out.

Does anyone know how this is handled in Calendar Apps (Clients)?
Is there a way to set this option when using a Client subscribed to the nextcloud CalDAV?

I set up a Nextcloud instance (using my Syno-LDAP for the user base) and played around. Actually, it's better than expected.

Calendars and team sharing work quite well, and there is the option I was looking for
"Show appointments in shared calendars"
  • …with full details.
  • …only as busy
  • …don't show at all
What's still missing:
  • a general option to share the entire calendar: "with full details / only as busy"
    There is already a thread on GitHub
  • Calendar Links for external use are only possible as "read-only"
    It would be great to make it possible to integrate nextcloud Calendars also into e.g. Google Calendars
    GitHub Thread
Calendar delegations set up in Nextcloud show up correctly in CalendarApps (iOS/macOS) when adding the CalDAV Link to the client.
But as it is now, I see no way to create an appointment as "only show busy" when using any CalendarClient (except the nextcloud website).

Hence, my problem is still not solved (tho I'm much closer in finding an G Suite successor).
Thanks for all your input!

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