RT2600ac Test procedure for 2600’s and new firmware

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RT2600ac Test procedure for 2600’s and new firmware

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Theoretical test procedure for 2x 2600’s on same LAN:

Cable modem has multiple outputs.
One 2600 at .24, online Ch 1 & 48 No Guest, No VPN, No VLAN
Other 2600 at .1, online Ch 11 & 153 No Guest, No VPN, No VLAN
Ethernet from each connected to same 24 port Gb switch, so both have access to all devices.
2x different WIFI’s separated so devices can switch between them (with static IP’s & DNS pointing at router saved) so moving between the two is as easy as connecting to different WIFI’s.

Gb Ethernet devices pretty much all static IP just change gateway & DNS to router to move between routers.

DHCP users-a few- will not be tested. Roku has automatic gateway search on Ethernet, but counts up, so it sticks with lowest IP. .1, and no manual configure.

Tests with identical 1.3.1-1 firmware, identical settings, DoH, ext USBV3 EXT4 SSD, write caching on, TP Set to Process everything, not pass, when overloaded, with identical 160+ user rules: Speed tests, wired and wireless identical. BOTH TP’s Work and Update independently.

CPU & RAM usage seen by DS ROUTER, after 5 min of inactivity identical on both routers.

That is the test system that I will use for the next SRM Firmware update. With this, I should be able to do a direct comparison between 2 different firmwares, and compare resources used.

Seeing that we have some time, If you have any suggestions, I’m open to listen for suggestions and improvements!
I’m only supposed to get 100/10, but am presently getting 200/20 (SSSHHH!😁)
No difference at present, but that could be my low speeds
Probably not. I have tested TP over my 1G WAN and was able to get max speeds. This includes the new 6600 and wrx560 model as well.

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