RT2600ac TETHER the 2600 to my Android - Any Known Issues?

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RT2600ac TETHER the 2600 to my Android - Any Known Issues?

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NAS Compares did a great Video showcasing how you can Tether your Mobile phone to your (in my case) 2600 in case of ISP Failure. Either as a Fall Back or as needed via the USB Connector..

Before I start testing this option, my only concern is that I will lose my IP Address as it may change. This normally for most would not be an issue, however I have found when I needed to disconnect my gear and when it all was reconnected, my IP Address changed, and with that I lost all my Mapped Drives (7+ of them) to my 920+ NAS

It's a time consuming task to Re-Map all those Drives and I would like to avoid that. I just wish to insure that when I Test the Tether Option to my Mobile and disconnect the Modem from the Router, my IP Address will not change.

I've been presented with suggestions in the past to prevent my IP Address from changing, but that was above my pay grade.

Thanks ...
Do you mean that by changing the WAN IP the LAN IP subnets get changed?

I've noticed that mobile data connections do seem to use RFC 1918 reserved subnets for devices' outward connections, rather than assigning Internet routable IP addresses. If that external connection gets a subnet that overlaps you LAN subnet then something will have to change. More often I've seen addresses assigned for these WAN connections.

BTW when you say 'my IP address' which one do you mean? The router's external IP; the router's internal IP; the NAS LAN IP; or even the PC/Mac/phone LAN IP.
Hello fredbert... you've been helpful to my past questions , so thanks!

The IP Address I refer to is the same that is displayed in the Desktop Synology Assistant. As mentioned, this address changes when disconnecting and reconnecting my ISP's modem. Since my NAS uses this address, I lose my previously mapped drives. While I understand a fair amount regarding DSM, my lack of knowledge of subnets and LAN assignments quickly becomes apparent. I consider myself lucky when tracked down why my 2600 Router when first installed rendered my Google Voice VoIP inoperative, and needed to have a Port Forward exception.
I find this very odd indeed. Changing WAN interface should not interfere with your LAN IP address. Even if the NAS is configured to use DHCP (and it really should be static to begin with), there is a very small chance that the NAS will get a new LAN IP address in the same pool.

So just to maybe avoid this potential case, can you confirm that NAS is running on a static or dynamic IP address? Control panel > network > Interface > lan...
Hello Rusty...

It appears to be Dynamic ...... "DHCP"

I seem to recall speaking with the Tier 2 at Spectrum and they told me that "Static" IP Addresses were not available when I first encountered the issue and was seeking a remedy.


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well in that case if the NAS is configured to use router local IP as its gateway ( in subnet 1, from the image), making modifications to the routers WAN element should not touch on its LAN segment and in the end change your NAS local IP address.

I have used 4G connection with 2600 syno router for a while 1st half of 2021, and never had any problems with LAN communication on any of the devices, including NAS models.

This IP address that your NAS got was from the DHCP pool of the router, not the 4G device that is tethered on it.
Rusty... thanks for the quick reply.... Losing Internet from my ISP is rare here, and its good to know I can easily implement an alternative now should it again occur. I will cautiously try it out. I've more than once "gone exploring" through the many options in the DSM and SRM and sometimes caused issues that required correction back to normal. Losing Mapped Drive assignments and redoing them can be a pain and take time to re-enter, but I've never found an alternative that was suggested that is as dependable.... as long as the address is not lost.

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