Thanks to everyone here

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Thanks to everyone here

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here that's helped me get going. I got bitwarden up and running on docker yesterday and that's pretty slick. I'm fairly sharp at a lot of things, but network setup apparently is not a strong suit. I appreciate all you that have taken time to help me along the way. Looking forward to seeing what else I can do with my NAS.
Soon you will have to change your nickname. ;)
I doubt it. One of my favorite quotes going thru engineering school was "There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots" due to some of the morons in my classes. I have a feeling you guys think this about me a lot...
knowledge is the best ever investment, no one will steal it from you except the Dr. from Germany, but I forgot his name

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Hi @Pezbollah, it would be more clear if you post the snapshot of errors you get. Will try to be a help...

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