Info The aliens will have a laugh

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Info The aliens will have a laugh

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Looking for a USB C flash drive on Amazon, I came across the usual very helpful customer answers 😂


And to top it all, recently, on a can of soup: “soup will be hot when heated”.

The lawyers are making us all look stupid. What will the aliens think when they land and read something like this!
Oh, that’s how you buy your stuff, filter by the cheapest! :)
I didn’t ask the questions. I just search them.

You reminded me of something I once read. It’s about an interview with an astronaut. The interviewer asked him something like: when you're looking at our big blue marble while orbiting above, what a view that must be for you. What goes through your mind?

The astronaut, without missing a beat, said: as I'm hurled through space, I can't help but think that every piece of this spaceship was supplied by the lowest bidder! :D
yeap, I have standard approach in chinese e-shops communication :cool:
My last communication about new CAN BUS interface to my car (car controller area network) with some professional pre-sales support from Alibaba:

Me: are you sure, that this interface will support also my car digital amplifier?
Seller: yes
Me: My amplifier is Xerox-Minolta HiFi Turbo Nitro
Seller: yes
Me: Are you sure?
Seller: yes

Then don’t hesitate to purchase such great deal :)
I came across the usual very helpful customer answers
Many Amazon users are dolts. Amazon mails questions to their users from prosepctive buyers, about products they have ordered. Apparently many feel compelled to respond when they have nothing helpful to offer or are simply clueless... I used to mark these idiotic responses "unhelpful" but then recalled the adage about wrestling with pigs.



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