The evolution of "The Community"

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The evolution of "The Community"

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It seems "The Community" has taken another step towards darkness. If the discussion boards weren't confusing enough... there are now only 4, and posters are supposed to use "tags" to designate the topic area.

If that weren't bad enough there are only 12 tags... and not a single one is package-specific, etc.

Weeks ago they added hashtags for keywords. Completely unintuitive, and largely ignored except by the cynical posters.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Taiwan reaches out ...
I don't even go there anymore.
SynoForum does an excellent job and it's structure is perfect. Just let them all mover over here ;)
Just had a quick look yesterday at 'The Community'. Bleehh.....
Even their own moderators (HarryPotter) is complaining about it. How can someone be so thick in their skull? If they are going to threat DSM and SRM like their forum/community, then I've got bad news for them...
We are in a redesign of a website for a non-profit that i sit on the board of. We have a very very active forum. (8,000+ members, 268,000 posts). What we are struggling with is getting the new web designer we hired to understand that the "new age" forums SUCK!!! Of course they are trying to tell us that it's the new way everyone is doing it's their new template and they don't want to mess with a forum like this one or phpBB. I keep telling them about the forums I frequent and how when they change(d), participation dropped....synology and ubiquiti are the two main ones I'm upset with at the moment. 2 cents in WHY the forums are changing....not because of the users, but because of the coders. 2 cents in WHY the forums are changing....not because of the users, but because of the coders.
coders do their job only by guidelines from SW analysts, their use a definitions from business analysts and when there is an User experiences/interface (experienced) designer they have good foundation to make a perfect job. But there is still one important point - R&D based on voice of customers. It is not a cliché, it is just one and only way, how make their job useful. Based on hard research/data, not by “I have a dream”.
Or they can just purchase available JS coders (all in one) and waiting for a disaster.
Thanks Synoman & Rusty for your great job!
coders do their job only by guidelines from SW analysts,
I doubt there where any analysis done by e.g. Synology or Ubiquiti. I fear they simply followed the trend for such community stuff. While this may work for certain businesses, it must not work for all areas.
Re - described mistakes: this illness, called "Mind blanking", frequent decision making behavior (irrational behavior).
Short described:
Many times, people's minds seem to go “somewhere else”—attention becomes disconnected from perception, and people's minds wander to times and places removed from the current environment. At other times, however, people's minds may seem to go nowhere at all—they simply disappear.

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