The metaverse could be a bad idea (article).

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The metaverse could be a bad idea (article).

Think further ahead: augmented reality.
Samsung applied for a patent on "smart contact lenses" back in 2014. What they seemed to have forgot in the original patent was a description on how to power them (around the same time quiet a few mobilephones "exploded" around the world, due to faulty battery).
So with current tech, electrical heated electronics with potential unsafe batteries, under your eyelids.
To lasy to find an even older video about how future augmented reality may look like, so here a later version, with a similar take on it:
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Are you assuming this one is designed to simulate an environment in favour of humans?
If we're dead, we can't be exploited. Why kill us?
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video about how future augmented reality may look like
That’s information overload. My brain will most likely blowup by the end of the day :)

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