The resource map is incorrect

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The resource map is incorrect

Hi. First post here so please be gentle.

I have a Pro Tools-based audio system and I'm using a Synology NAS as an onsite Server for local backup and (eventual) remote access.

My workflow is Session Drive -> Internal Backup Drive -> Synology NAS (using "Drive" app) -> Backblaze B2
So when the project needs protecting (after a significant revision), I'll drop it onto the Internal Backup Drive, and my system will update the version on the NAS, which will then update the Backblaze cloud archive.

Which sounds fine.

But I've recently started trying to copy back from my NAS using the Mac browser, and many video files WILL NOT PLAY on anything but quicktime player. So they won't play in QT7 Pro or MPEG Streamclip or in Protools. The message I'm getting is "the resource map is incorrect", which sounds like a resource fork issue.

However, if I download the project (including video) from Backblaze, it's fine.

Nothing odd as far as I can see looking at the file's properties.

What's going on? I've raised a ticket but so far (several days in with typical slow/timezone-retarded response) I've got nowhere.

Is it hidden DSM metadata?

Any help gratefully received.

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