Question The site is very slow!

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Question The site is very slow!

My apologies. It was my stupid ISP. I restarted their router and seems ok now. I think is was being routed through Antarctica or something like that! I was getting a 503 message that the site is down.
Tech support says: turn your PC off and and on again ;)

I have a browser tab pinned in Safari so this is always open, but sometimes other pages consume lots of memory. Leaving DSM or SRM running can do this after enough time, also poorly implemented business websites can do this (I've being tracking one for the last week and it is woeful in consuming / releasing resources).

Either close some tabs or the browser to try and flush out resource hogs.
WOW is it exactly. The plot thickens. I’ve got an inside scoop on something but will make sure first. But I’m not confident that the population here appreciates these news breaks or polls :)

Note to self: forget about polls and news breaks in the future.

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