NAS Compares The UC3200 RackStation NAS from Synology Finally Revealed

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NAS Compares The UC3200 RackStation NAS from Synology Finally Revealed

Brand New UC3200 NAS Drive from Synology Fully Uncovered

If you are a business owner, enterprise file hosting platform, surveillance NVR user or just generally someone whose infrastructure cannot withstand even minor disconnection (even down to the minute), then the UC3200 Rackstation NAS from Synology (First revealed late last year as the UC300) is definitely device that has alot that appeals you. As we have already established previously here on NASCompares, Synology has been making bigger and bigger moves into the enterprise sector for a while now. The brand that has spent more than 15 years making network attached storage hardware, featuring the popular Diskstation Manager software, with their first Rackmount NAS server back in 2006 (RS-406), have now fully uncovered potentially their most powerful and advanced Rackmount NAS yet for later in 2019. Featuring a unit dual-active controller (dubbed Active-Active) design and 12 Bays of storage, this unified controller system promises the ability to have a combination of redundant RAID storage and (better yet) WHOLE system redundancy. Alongside this, we see the already long established business class hardware, power, speed and support that is already available in the XS series, but even more so! With it’s dual CPU architecture that STILL manages to let users use BOTH processors, yet still gives you a dual controller architecture, this is a really big game changer! let’s take a closer look at this beast!

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