The worst 11 business ideas

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The worst 11 business ideas

@WST16, thx for the source.

Some comments:

I think that the author in point number 2 rejects the meaning of the actual transfer of information with the method of transferring of the information.
From my point of view, it does not matter what kind of doc format is used, for the transfer. It is essential whether it was understood.
Therefore, there are many ways to transfer the information - from a single page to a complex flow of bound information. It doesn't matter if the pptx format or one of the clones is used. It can turn out badly in each of them; it can surprise each of them.
However, the second thing that is often neglected, is that not everyone should make presentations. Not to mention the ability to present. Because not everyone who works in the kitchen is a great cook.

Re: “blind interviewing”
I can’t imagine how the author wants to achieve it. No way to interview some for the management position blindly. This is not a wine tasting. Humans are not uniformly made machines.
On the other hand, it depends on the circumstances of the choice. Not always the best is sought. Often the most suitable will succeed. However, the meaning of the "most suitable" has different parameters in each selection for anyone who looking for.

Re: ”Talent management”
This once popular method has not been the case for a long time. This problem was simple complicated. The talent that grew up could not be promoted within the company because - there was no free job position (static thinking). So the talen was placed elsewhere, where they just had demand. Often it was a completely different company than where they invested in that talent. Lost talent, investment, time and effort.

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