NAS Compares Thunderbolt 3 vs 40Gbe NAS in 2019

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NAS Compares Thunderbolt 3 vs 40Gbe NAS in 2019

Thunderbolt 3 vs 40Gbe – Which Should You Buy?

Questions about choosing between 10GbE and 40Gbe are becoming increasingly popular. People want to understand what does 40Gbe mean and why is it so important. The Most popular connection for people who need the fastest data transfer speeds a priority, currently is Thunderbolt. As you are no doubt aware, Thunderbolt 3 theoretical is speed is around 40Gb/s. When working on video editing projects of 4K and even 8K media, file sizes grow enormously. With bigger files, it takes much longer to transfer them between computer and storage devices for editing, distribution, or to simply backup. You may think “I have Thunderbolt 3, why would I consider another connection which has the same speed?”. Let me take a moment or two of your time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of 40Gbe Networks and Thunderbolt 3 NAS/DAS for your storage needs.

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now lets back to math:
- swap disk for video editing sw is more important
- there is RAID0 best alternative, because fast possible speed driven solution, encapsulated into LUN and iSCSI connection (or TB connection when available)
- when you use 450MB/s writing speed x 8 bay NAS, then you have theoretically boosted 3600 MB/sec = 28 800 Mbps. Not enough for 40TB.
- then if we need utilize 40Gbps TB to maximum we need min. RAID0 with 12x 450MB/s, but to be honest we need also power from CPU in such NAS (or DAS), because there is no special HW RAID card.

So, what about RAID0 with 4x M.2 NMVe disks with theoretically writing 1200MB/s deep queue large blocks speed, still in 96% utilization of the 40TB speed. What NAS has support for such 4x M.2 NMVe disks?

Follow this article, there is a solution - QNAP TVS872XT. But:
- article author recommendation is based on theoretical speed of the M.2 NMVe disk 2000-3000MB/s
- where real speed of such disks is under 1500MB/s (block size, CPU, RAID, ...), you can see in disk compares sites (don’t forget, random speed test is theory, real block test is practice).
- then for the 40Gbps utilization he needs min. 4 disks into RAID0, but the recommended device has just two slots.

What pretty nice example of immature calculation. Or recommendation driven by fee?
Then if you try build your own postproduction studio, don’t hesitate use calculator and simple math.

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