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Solved Time taken to move files

I recently upgraded my NAS to a DS918+ with all new drives and did an rsync backup to move the files from the old, failing NAS. When I went to move all the files from the backup location into the new shares, I've seen some funny things with regards to how long it takes for different folders. For instance, my music files totaled about 20 GB and the system said it would take around 17 mins, and it did. However for my photos, which were in excess of 1 TB, the system said the time taken would be 'more than 1 day' but then just dropped all the files in there after about 10 seconds. The same thing happened for my videos, which totalled a similar size.

All the files look to be in place - should I be worried that something's gone wrong or something's missing?
Well, 1TB in 10sec is blazing fast. Won't say that there is nothing funny there because it is strange. Still, you did use rsync via HB or some other way?

There is also a perfectly understandable situation with data copy. Total capacity vs a number of files. 20GB of 5 files and 1TB of 100000 files. It's normal that one will be faster than the other.
I did rsync via HB from the old NAS to the new one, then went about re-locating the files to the new shares from the location they were backed up to (it's actually something you recommended a few weeks back; worked like a charm, thanks very much!).

It just threw me that the files moved so quickly. I guess I wouldn't have thought anything of it - I just assumed the time calculation was lagging behind the process - but then the music file actually took as long as it said it would. There might be something in your number vs size of files, I guess.

The share sizes all match up with what the should, as do the number of files and folders. I guess I'll just take it as a nice result.

you can find in the forum one of my topic, where I explain all the dependencies.
As Rusty said:
20GB of average 5MB/music file = 20*1024/5=4096 files
1TB of average 5MB/photo file = 1*1048576/5=209715 files
then there you can find lot of dependencies:
- block size of source disk
- block size of target disk
- RAID/SHR type of source Volume
- RAID/SHR type of target Volume
- in case of HDD, state of fragmentation
- etc ...
then went about re-locating the files to the new shares from the location they were backed up to
Aaaaa wait a min. You did a HB task and then moved that data to another folder and that was done in 10sec? If so that makes sense and you have nothing to worry about. DSM just calculated the items and then moved them to the target destination.

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