Time to upgrade a client's 2012 Windows Server

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Time to upgrade a client's 2012 Windows Server

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Hi Everyone,

I have a new client who is in need of a server replacement. I'm hoping to get them up and running on a Synology and I'm looking for advice from your experience. Here's what I know...

Current set-up:
  • Law office of approximately 15 employees
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials
  • Intel Core i3-4130 @ 3.40GHz with 16GB of RAM
  • SMB file sharing; approx 4TB of files (Office docs, pdfs, etc)
  • Hosting QuickBooks Pro Plus 2022 application
  • Hosting ProDoc
  • Hosting Sage Timeslip 2019

My primary questions are regarding the virtual machine(s) needed to host QuickBooks, ProDoc and Timeslip:
  • Would it make more sense to run each application in it's own virtual machine?
  • Which Synology NAS would be best factoring economy vs power to do the job?
  • SSDs or HDs or a hybrid of SSD and HD?
Thanks in advance. I look forward to everyone's thoughts and suggestions.

Would it make more sense to run each application in it's own virtual machine?
Depends. Each vm will ask for its own CPU/RAM/HDD storage so it might be "expensive" to run each app inside its own VM. On the other hand it would be more safe should that VM get compromised in any way, as each app will be isolated in its own VM.

Guess the only logical question is your second question, but before that, you have to know your budget. With multiple VMs and that number of users you can be sure it would be wise to invest in an XS+ model.

Regarding drives, again, budget is the 1st question. From a technical side of things, I would vote for a mixed setup having DSM, apps and VMs on SSD drives, and rest of data (files etc) on the spindle ones.

Again it would help to know a rough price ball park for the nas and the drives to better zero in on the model depending on these requirements.
Thanks Rusty.

Good thoughts here. With regards to budget, they don't have one. I'm trying to put together a reasonable system and will present the cost that that time. I'll have to see what they say.

I appreciate your comments.

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