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Tip: Moving .hbk archive when upgrading the USB disk

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Tip: Moving .hbk archive when upgrading the USB disk


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In case anyone thinks to ask this question: how easy is it to move a HB archive?

Over the last three days I've been changing storage use of my iMac's external disks (firewall and USB). This also meant changing the USB disks I have attached to the DS218+ and DS215j for local HBup archives. On both NAS the connected USB drive (ext4 format) is a shared folder called 'hyper backup'. The permissions are set to only allow admin access and to hide the share in Windows network and users without access. Nothing special.

If possible, I didn't want to have to recreate the HBup task. So the trick is to recreate the same shared folder destination with a copy of the .hbk archive.

I followed these steps on both NAS:
  1. Connect the replacement USB drive
  2. Once recognised in Control Panel's External Devices I reformatted to ext4 (DS215j doesn't read/write HFS+).
  3. Wait for the new usbshareN to appear in File Station.
  4. Still in File Station, copy the .hbk from the 'hyper backup' share to the 'usbshareN' share.
  5. When the copy has finished, eject the old USB drive used for 'hyper backup' share.
  6. In Control Panel edit the new 'usbshareN' share:
    1. name 'hyper backup'
    2. admin group-only permissions
    3. no visibility for other users
  7. Launch Hyper Backup and select the appropriate task: it should show that the destination is On-line.
  8. Run the task to confirm all went well.
Once completed you can re-use the old USB disk.

TBH I actually used the DS218+ when doing both copies between old and new disks: it has three USB3, whereas the DS215j has only one USB3 port.

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