Synology Blog TLC vs. QLC SSDs: What are the differences?

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Synology Blog TLC vs. QLC SSDs: What are the differences?

We’ve talked about how we can use SSD cache to reduce latency and accelerate transfer speeds. We’ve also explained the differences between consumer and enterprise SSDs, and why for sustained performance reasons we suggest the latter. Consumer and enterprise SSDs are two broad categories that encompass a wide range of performance profiles. Due to differences […]

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lesson learned:
1. don’t be naive that QLC SSD will beat any HDD performance or endurance or lifespan in your NAS (NAS HDD lines and higher). I mean real workload, when the internal QLC disk cache is exhausted immediately. Seen in las two charts.

2. when you need stable performance and sufficient utilization of your >2x1G LAG in your NAS, you need use MLC SSD. But MLC is gone from the market last year. Then you have 3D TLC NAND = enterprise TLC (not clearly mentioned in this article).

So still waiting for Syno official courage for a test results of HMSMR based on BTRFS.

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