Today I drop-tested my DS220+...

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Today I drop-tested my DS220+...

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Well in the midst of some office reorganization, I managed to knock my DS220+ off my 30" tall desk and onto a tile floor. I had it unplugged at the time fortunately. The case split along the joint, and the faceplate came off. The hard drives stayed in place. After some swear words, I discovered that it didn't look like anything had actually broken; the case just split where it was supposed to. The hard drive rack does appear to be a little out of shape as the drive latches wouldn't lock into the tray and they would slid out easily. Some carefully calibrated hand bending appears to have pulled the rack back into position and the trays now latch securely.

Put everything back together and it fired up like a champ. I've run the Smart test on the drives and they came back clean. I'm actually pretty impressed with the build quality, you wouldn't know I dropped it if I didn't tell you. There literally is not a scratch or chip on it. Is there any sort of hardware test I can run on the processor?

Anyways, that's how I spent my afternoon. Pics below are of initial damage and also the inside in case anyone wanted to see what it looks like without dropping their own.


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  • 20210131_150235.jpg
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Just in time. I was about to drop-test mine to see what happens and to see the inside.
Are you going to do drop-test the RS1219+ too? 😝

Glad all came back to life. I wouldn’t worry about the processor. I think the most vulnerable is the backplate where the disks plug (while they’re plugged). And as @Rusty said, if it boots with no errors, all should be fine.
The DS218+ case, which is very similar, splits in two and with a bit of fiddling and lining up of tabs can be slotted back together.

I found this out when removing the disks and forgetting the that the caddy retaining clips are on the chassis and not the caddy... so what I was doing was pulling the caddy while also making sure the clip was doing its best job of keeping the caddy in the chassis. Result? The left side of the casing was removed by sliding off the clips and the disk stayed snug in the chassis.

A few moments of nausea later and I found I could reassemble the case without any permanent damage. Plus I got an excellent view of the clips being screwed to the chassis!

Lesson learnt: push the clip up.

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