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I've never owned a NAS before and have just purchased a 1019+. I'm stuck at the first hurdle. I've connected router to NAS with ethernet cable. Not sure if I use the 2nd ethernet port on back of NAS to plug into TV. Is that how it is done (want to use it with plex)..
If not, do I just use the 1 ethernet cable from router to NAS and then router direct to TV using another port on the router?
Please dont bash me. Been looking on you tube to no avail. Did a search but couldn't find the answer I needed
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As Chenks says, the basic setup would be to connect the NAS LAN1 to the router's LAN switch just like you'd connect any other device.

The LAN2 port can be used in more advanced setups but to start with it's not needed.

To make your life easier, you should consider reserving the NAS's IP address in the DHCP server (that's probably in your router).

After reserving the IP in the router: In the NAS's Control Panel / Network / Network Interfaces page you can manually configure the settings (just enter the same values that the DHCP server had set). This will make the NAS easier to find by having a fixed IP address.

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