DSM 6.2 Traffic Control for WAN (Internet) only

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DSM 6.2 Traffic Control for WAN (Internet) only

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DS1819+, DSM 6.2

Is it possible to use Traffic Control to only limit bandwidth to WAN IPs?

Only 1 (physical) LAN cable is connected to the router. So far, I used the CP > Network > Traffic Control to limit the bandwidth due slow Internet connection, but this also limits my Gbps LAN at the same time (which is not desired). How can I exclude LAN IP traffic from this restrictive rule?

In DSM, I don't think so. I use Traffic Control on my RT2600ac to do this: originally to limit HB backup bandwidths, but I see there's a per task setting now (on the destination types I checked).

If your network architecture was such that you could use different NAS ethernet ports for LAN and Internet, then you could define a policy on just the Internet ethernet interface. The route to the Internet would have to be a different subnet than used for the LAN subnet. Or there could be a way to use VLANs, if other devices support it.

It's a bit overkill to redesign your whole network to get around this :(

How about two ports on the LAN, but use static routing to set the LAN subnet (maybe a set of rules, would have to exclude the router's IP) to be LAN port A, and the default route [i.e. Internet] via LAN port B.

Not tested this but it may work. I would configure a third port to something static that you can connect a manually configured Mac/PC, in case something doesn't work.
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Thanks for your answer.

Surprised this feature isn't implemented in DSM.
It seems a quite common task to limit WAN bandwidth while leaving LAN at full speed.

Besides this, I don't really see what the Guaranteed Bandwidth stands for.

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