Transfer Speed in DSM vs via Operating System

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Transfer Speed in DSM vs via Operating System

on my Mac, the transfer speed over the Mac OS via Desktop is about 40-50 MB/s over gigabit ethernet.
On the DSM web interface, i can go closer to the gigiabit speed, at about 80-90 MB/S.
Why the difference? Using the OS is so much easier than opening a brower and login to the DSM everytime.
Is there a way to adjust the transfer speed in OS?
Well that can mean both protocols are in play. What about all the rest of the questions?

One way to be sure is to use Finder > connect to server option and enter:

smb://your_nas_ip and then connect

Same goes with afp protocol just use afp instead of smb but be sure that afp is active as a protocol on the nas File Services side (Control Panel)
AFP was designed to MACs
AFP block size is 128 KB by default. Starting with 10.6 clients it can be up to 1024kb. Which is better like in Samba. Then you can see a downgrade between SMB and AFP connection from your MAC.
ok, since AFP is the fastest way for Mac OS to use, back to what i was saying then, using AFP to connect to my NAS is alot slower than using the DSM web interface. Is there a solution to this?
there is no single right or one and only truth from the answer point of view.
You have to run a diagnostic of your services through ssh or directly by Docker. As I understand this is not your daily cake. It is not easy to find a precise interpretation.
a) too small files will never obtain same speed as single large file. Specialy in Giga ethernet environment.
b) you have to check end to end throughput from client to NAS. Gents from MAC enviro will help you better like me.
Just few questions:
  • the speed difference is within same DSM App (like File station to WAN or to LAN)?
  • are you able to describe the whole problem ( testing dataset must be same for all the test, different dataset mixture is necessary, you have to measure by process, ...)?
See to my kind of description here
ok what i did was i tried to transfer the same exact file, a 4G movie file, first by using the Mac OS finder via AFP. On both DSM resource monitor and Mac Resource Monitor, it shows that transfer speed is somewhere around 40-50 MB/S. Now i tried to do the same thing in DSM web interface (uploading a file in File Station), and the DSM resource monitor shows about 80-90 MB/S transfer speed. The NAS and the Mac is connected to the same gigabit router.
Just installed a new gigabit network switch connecting to the mac and the NAS. Using afp://nas_ip, i am still getting around 50mb/s. Using DSM its about 80 MB/S.

what can i do folks?

Does it have anything to do with the HDD itself? My hard drives are SATA II WD Black and WD Green drives, not SATA III.
to check the HDD speed in your NAS:
use OpenSSH or similar SSH client --> connect to your NAS and try check your HDD speed by this command:
hdparm -t /dev/sdX ... where X is parameter for your disc (a,b,c,....)
then send the result here
1. root permission via SSH
type command:
sudo -i
then enter Password for the admin

2. what HDD
sda, sdb, sdc, ... for Linux name convention in the hdparam command:
when sda is first registered device (HDD or SSD), sdb is second, sdc is third, ... (up to your disks in NAS) ... see in DSM Storage manager

Display information of the hard drive:
sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda
will show you also HDD SerialNo = same serial Nno. you can find in DSM Storage manager
Example of "sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda"


and sreen from DSM Storage manager:

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