Transfer Speed over USB (& a memory question)

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Transfer Speed over USB (& a memory question)

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I have a relatively new DS1522+ that is loaded with 4x12TB WD Red drives. I used to have a DS918+ w/ 4x3TB WD Reds. The old drive was becoming full of photos hence the move to the newer drives. (and I'm gifting that setup to my brother who doesn't have a NAS at all). When I upgraded, I rebuilt the pool replacing one drive at a time to keep the data. Now with the larger pool, I'm uploading some external drives to the NAS for backup/ease of use. So, here's my question, I'm trying to transfer a large amount (7TB ish - mostly RAW photos) across USB 3.0 from a WD Easyshare to the DS1522+ and my Resource Meter says I'm peaking at about 80 MB/s with frequent dips lower. Is this what I should expect over USB 3.0? Anything I can do to speed it up? At this rate, it's going to take days to complete.

I hope this question makes sense. Thanks in advance!

While I'm talking about the Resource Meter, the max memory utilization I've seen with the new DS1522+ is 26%. I've not streamed anything from it yet, mostly loading files and letting Media Indexer generate thumbnails. Right now I only have the stock 8GB installed. Is there much value in adding an additional 8GB stick? I know in computers, having two matched memory modules is ideal, but wasn't sure if it would make a difference here.


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My experience is that the throughput is in the right order of magnitude. The Synology USB connection is not the best in the world.
8 TB for a linux machine (what the syno basically is) is fine for the use you describe. Although some will tell you that more memory is always good to have :)
More memory is really needed when you run docker, VM or other heavy apps, or have many apps open with multipe users.
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I will assume you mean 8GB. More RAM is always better. I believe that Synology will use excess RAM as cache. I have 16gb+ in all 3 of mine. They are snappy, responsive and restart quickly after updating. I have managed some that are stock RAM configured and have certainly felt the difference.

I don't run Dockers but I do run a VDSM on all 3 of mine.
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