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Transfer unused licenses to new NAS

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I have a DS218+ and just bought a DS920+ to upgrade. My question is: I have never used Surveillance Station on the 218+, can I use the licenses from that NAS on my new 920+ along with the two licenses for it? I am thinking about purchasing some cameras for my home and was just curious. Thanks in advance.
Licences you buy can be transferred but not the free ones that come with the NAS.

A similar situation exists with SRM routers: they come with one VPN Plus client licence. But if you mesh your SRM routers then only one can run VPN Plus but the licences from the other meshed routers aren't reallocated. It's one mesh system yet still only has access to the primary router's free licence. Before Synology started to 'sell' these licences during Covid for $0.00 I had already bought extra. But these licences cannot be moved to another router, whether free or purchased.

You can't move the five free licences for Mail Plus Server from one NAS to another either. The only way to realise ten free licences across two NAS is to configure both NAS into a Mail Plus Server cluster and be using a directory service to define user accounts.

I would guess that allowing migration of free/included licences would open a market for reselling them and would make it difficult to track which NAS has the licence... and what happens when a NAS gets resold?
the licences are free, you did not pay for them
Not at all. When you purchase Synology NAS hardware, embedded in that cost you are also paying for the OS, warranty support, as well as Synology apps and features. The two camera licenses are included with that bundle.

That clarified, the licenses are not transportable.
I see their point. If you transferred the licenses and then sold the NAS it would be a mess. Thanks for all the info guys!

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