Transferring from unencrypted Google Drive to encrypted Backblaze B2

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Transferring from unencrypted Google Drive to encrypted Backblaze B2

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My NAS currently does Hyperbackup to 100GB Google Drive, which I foresee will outgrow in the coming months. I plan to shift to Backblaze B2 while still maintaining the 4-years of historical versions currently on Google Drive. I would also like to point out that hbks stored in Google Drive are client-side unencrypted.
So my question is, what is the recommended method to transfer everything to B2 and enable client-side encryption on new and previous hbks? Should I copy-paste whatever it is on Google Drive to the B2 bucket and then try to link to an existing hbk while turning on encryption?

You cannot retroactively encrypt HB historical versions. You must create a new backup task.

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