Question Transmission-3.00-18 session-id can't create session lock file

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Question Transmission-3.00-18 session-id can't create session lock file

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I have running transmission 3.00-18 a day, and read in log file that every hour, session-id want to create a lock file. I don't really understand what is this error about.

Unable to create session lock file (22): Invalid argument (session-id.c:96)

Is this something related to permission? I didn't have this problem in 2.94-16. Although getting that error, everything working just fine without problem so far.
I did that too, but still not receive any instrucstion yet. BTW, the package has built and combined by synocommunity, I hope there will be someone know this things.
frankly, Syno-community APPs is a death way. Reason - last version (3.0-18) of the Transmission package has been published in 2015 =5y ago.
Docker is more flexible platform than these old packages.

When you check GitHub of Transmission you will see, that there isn't heavy support and pulling speed is really slow.

In this forum you can find more interesting solutions for such BT services.

Another problem is, that you have notified only Buffalo LinkStation 420D NAS .... and there isn't support for the Docker :cool:
Well, I don't have any better option. I can only effort for this NAS, Syno is too much for me.

BTW, I don't really know who maintain this repo, but there is a mistake in published day, 5 years ago is correct for 2.94-16. The 3.00 has just published almost 2 months ago (the github). On syno I think it has just published aroud 2-3 weeks and the maintainer just copy the info from old one so it is incorrect. I would like to check for docker too, but how can I access docker without a Syno NAS? VM or something, and I don't know if docker would works on my NAS. If you can help me, I hope you can get the transmission 3.00 from docker and post it here.

Also, I think I get the problems, but don't really know how to fix it. This error meanings that transmission-daemon can't save a ession file, so If the electric cut down randomly, I will lose process from the last time I started.

Thank you.

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