Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

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Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

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I'm having trouble re-using/formatting what used to be cached SSDs for my 415+ after the 415+ died.

I have 2 500gb SSD which were used in a cache rw which i had been using previously with my synology 415+. It's like both ssds died at the same time. I've tried diskpart recover/clear/activate part/unlock etc (i've tried this via usb and via sata). I tried a couple of freeware re-partition software... I'm just not having any luck. It doesn't recognize the physical drives at all. I wish i had another synology to test it in to see if it would recognize it, but i don't and its not (currently) worth it to purchase a synology just to attempt to bring back 2 ssds. Disk management doesn't recognize it in Windows.

Anyway if you have any ideas/suggestions let me know, thanks guys/gals.


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When the 415 died a few weeks back i tried to get back the data off the 2 8 TB drives from my Windows box with a ubuntu vm, which was a chore, but doable (i have a long write-up in another forum detailing how i brought back the data from those drives without the use of another synology) [note: this is a 415 with the issue with the atom cpu, pretty sure it was an atom, and i soldered a resister or something on there to get it going again, lasted 1.5 years after that; also i tried getting a new power supply as an easy fix, but that also did not work].

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