MR2200ac Turns out the MR2200 is directional

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MR2200ac Turns out the MR2200 is directional

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I guess this makes sense, but it was interesting to confirm it.

I have an MR2200 in my home, wired to the LAN, which faces to the backyard, through a window. Its purpose is to provide WiFi coverage in the backyard, and the garage, which is beyond the backyard.

Also have an MR2200 in the garage, facing to the house, through a window in the back of the garage, which acts as a repeater from the one in the house, so that wireless devices in the garage can get a decent signal.

Did some testing, and found that setting up the two MR2200s so they face each other (that is, the face of the MR2200 with the LEDs are oriented towards one another) makes for a SUBSTANTIALLY better signal than if either of them is facing the other way, and even more dramatic improvement over both of them facing away from each other.

So for anyone wondering: You get a much better signal from the MR2200 in front of it than behind it. In my particular case, the improvement was about 80Mbps in each direction, but of course YMMV.

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